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Post-frame metal buildings in Spokane are wonderful structures to store your vehicles, work on personal projects, and much more. However, there can be dangers inside that you don’t expect. Keep an eye out for the following in your pole building shop in Spokane:

#1 – Vehicles With Their Motor Running

One of the most common dangers in post-frame metal buildings is leaving a vehicle running inside. The enclosed space can trap carbon monoxide and cause serious health issues or even death. It’s important to always turn off your vehicles before entering the building.

#2 – Poorly Vented Gas Heaters – Metal Buildings in Spokane

While gas heaters may seem like a great way to warm up your building during cold winter months, they can pose serious dangers if not properly vented. Carbon monoxide buildup and the risk of fire or explosions are a significant concern. Ensure proper ventilation and regular maintenance for any gas heater in your post-frame metal building.

#3 – Overloaded Electrical Outlets

Many people use their post-frame metal buildings as a workspace, which often means there are multiple electrical outlets in use. It’s important not to overload these outlets as it can cause them to short circuit. Make sure to spread out your electrical usage and consider installing additional outlets if needed.

#4 – Slipping Hazards

Metal buildings in Spokane can get slippery, especially if there is condensation or moisture on the floor. Clean your floors regularly and use non-slip mats or coatings to prevent slipping hazards.

#5 – Falling Objects

With open ceilings in post-frame metal buildings, there is always a risk of objects falling from above. This could be due to improper storage, natural disasters, or even just gravity. Make sure to properly secure any objects stored in your building and regularly inspect the roof for potential hazards.

Metal Buildings in Spokane

#6 – Mold and Mildew

Moisture can easily get trapped in prefabricated barns in Spokane, especially if provisions for adequate ventilation are not in place. Excessive mold and mildew can cause health issues and damage to your building. Make sure to check for moisture buildup and address it immediately.

#7 – Chemical Exposure

If you use your post-frame metal building for any type of chemical storage or production, there is a risk of exposure to hazardous materials.

#8 – Inadequate Insulation – Metal Buildings in Spokane

Without proper insulation, post-frame metal buildings can become extremely hot in the summer and cold in the winter. This not only makes it uncomfortable to spend time in the building, but it can also lead to increased energy costs. Make sure your building is properly insulated to avoid these issues.

#9 – Poorly Vented Wood Furnaces

A wood furnace is another common heating option for post-frame metal buildings in Spokane. However, it can pose serious dangers, such as carbon monoxide poisoning if not properly vented. Make sure to have a professional install and regularly maintain your wood furnace.

#10 – Dangerous Machinery

If you use your post-frame metal building as a workshop, there may be dangerous machinery present. It’s important to always follow safety protocols and properly train anyone using the equipment.

Metal Buildings in Spokane

#11 – Sawdust in the Air

Many workshops also produce a lot of sawdust, which can pose respiratory risks if not properly managed. Ensure proper ventilation and use masks when working with equipment that produces sawdust.

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#12 – Mice and Other Rodents

Post-frame metal buildings can be susceptible to mice and other rodents. Not only do they pose a health risk, but their constant chewing can also damage the structure of your building. Regularly inspect and seal any potential entry points to keep these pests out.

#13 – Loose or Uneven Flooring

Uneven or loose flooring in post-frame metal buildings can cause trips and falls. Make sure to regularly inspect your flooring and repair any issues to prevent accidents.

#14 – Lack of Emergency Exits – Metal Buildings in Spokane

With the enclosed nature of post-frame metal buildings, it’s crucial to have proper emergency exits in case of a fire or other disaster. Make sure your building has multiple exits that are easily accessible.

#15 – Sharp Edges and Corners

The metal construction of post-frame buildings can have sharp edges and corners that pose a risk for cuts and injuries. Regularly inspect your building and cover any exposed edges or corners.

Metal Buildings in Spokane

#16 Ladders

Ladders are commonly used in post-frame metal buildings to access storage or work on projects. However, if not correctly used, they can lead to falls and injuries. Always make sure ladders are secure and being used correctly.

#17 – Inadequate Lighting – Metal Buildings in Spokane

Poor lighting in post-frame metal buildings can make it difficult to see potential hazards. Ensure adequate lighting is installed in your building and regularly replace burned-out bulbs.

#18 – Chemical Spills

If you store or use chemicals in your post-frame metal building, there is always a risk of spills. It’s important to have proper storage and cleanup protocols in place to prevent any harm from these spills.

#19 – Lack of Fire Safety Equipment

In the event of a fire, it’s important to have proper fire safety equipment in your post-frame metal building. This includes fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Regularly check and maintain these devices to ensure they are working correctly.

#20 – Improper Use of Space – Metal Buildings in Spokane

It’s important to plan and utilize the space in your post-frame metal building properly. Improper use of space can lead to overcrowding, making it difficult to navigate and increasing the risk of accidents.

#21 – Improperly Stored Tools

Tools left lying around in a post-frame metal building can pose a tripping hazard and lead to injuries. Make sure to properly store tools when not in use to prevent accidents.

#22 – Electrical Hazards

Improperly installed or maintained electrical systems in post-frame metal buildings can be extremely dangerous. Make sure to have a professional electrician regularly inspect and maintain the electrical system in your building.

Metal Buildings in Spokane

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