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Metal buildings in Wyoming get covered in snow and ice during winter storms, just like other buildings. Are you worried about keeping your steel buildings in Wyoming in good shape this winter? Follow these tips when the time comes to clear ice or snow.

Tip #1 – Check Your Roof For Damage First

Before the snow hits, check your roof for damage. Look for weak spots, leaks, or cracks that heavy snow loads could further compromise.

Tip #2 – Buy a Snow Rake – Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Invest in a snow rake, which is a lightweight tool with a long handle that can easily remove snow from your roof. Be sure to follow safety guidelines when using the rake, and use caution around power lines and other obstacles.

Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Tip #3 – Don’t Let the Snow Pile Up Too Long

Be proactive and remove snow from your roof after each snowfall. A few inches of snow can quickly add up and put a lot of weight on your roof, leading to structural damage.

Tip #4 – Clear Snow from Sidewalks and Entryways

Clear snow from all entrances and exits to prevent slips and falls. Ice-related injuries often include broken bones, twisted ankles, and head injuries. Keep yourself, your family, and your employees safe.

Tip #5 – Stay Warm While You Work

Shoveling snow can be a great workout, but you still need to be careful. Always wear appropriate snow gear, including gloves, boots with good traction, and warm layers.

Tip #6 – Use an Appropriate Chemical Solution

Use a de-icing solution or salt to melt stubborn ice on walkways and building entrances; avoid using salt on roofs. Salt is best used on concrete surfaces around your building. Try to keep salt off your building’s painted finish.

Tip #7 – Think About Ice Before You Build  – Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Consider installing a metal roof with a steep pitch to help snow slide off your building more efficiently. We typically recommend a 4/12 roof pitch, but sometimes a steeper pitch is better.

Tip #8 – Ask for Professional Assistance

Don’t injure yourself while clearing snow. Hire a professional if you feel uncomfortable removing snow or ice from your metal buildings.

Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Tip #9 – Avoid Using Metal Tools on Delicate Roof Surfaces

If possible, avoid using metal shovels on metal roofs, as they can damage the surface. Snow shovels are ideal for walkways, porches, and the ground around your building.

Tip #10 – Clear Ice and Snow from Gutters and Downspouts

If you have gutters and downspouts, clear them of all ice and snow to ensure proper drainage. Melting snow can’t drain through your downspouts if they are full of ice.

Tip #11 – Install Roof Heating Cable

Consider installing roof heating cables to prevent icicles and ice dams from forming. This is an excellent idea if you know you get heavy snowfall every year.

Tip #12 – Use Safe Ladder Techniques

Use caution if you use a ladder to access your roof. Always ensure it is adequately secured and stable. Ask a friend to act as a spotter, and never use a ladder that is too short.

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Tip #13 – Use a Portable Heater  – Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Consider purchasing a portable propane heater to thaw out frozen pipes.

Tip #14 – Seal Your Building’s Interior

Install foam or rubber weather stripping around windows and doors to help keep cold air out. Check your door and window seals at least once a year and replace any seals that no longer function as designed.

Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Tip #15 – Insulate the Walls and Roofs of Your Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Install insulated wall panels to help keep your building warm and prevent ice build-up on the inside. You may also consider roll insulation or spray foam. Spray foam is typically the most efficient form of insulation but also the most expensive. Research your options carefully before deciding.

Tip #16 – Check Building Vents

Clear snow from your rooftop exhaust and intake vents to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tip #17 – Take Special Precautions with Extra Large Buildings

Use caution when removing snow from large metal buildings, as they may need special equipment to clear snow safely.

Tip #18 – Install a Driveway Heater

Consider installing a snow-melting system for driveways and sidewalks. Driveway heaters typically need to be installed when the driveway is built.

Tip #19 – Park at a Safe Distance – Metal Buildings in Wyoming

If possible, avoid parking your vehicles near metal buildings. Snow sliding off the roof can damage cars and pose hazards.

Steel Buildings in Wyoming

Tip #20 – Work with a Buddy

Always have someone with you when removing snow or ice from metal buildings to help in case of an accident.

Tip #21 – Protect Fire Hydrants

Keep all fire hydrants near your garage in Wyoming clear of snow and ice so they are functional in case of a fire.

Tip #22 – Prioritize Keeping Fire Exits Clear

Make sure all building exits are marked and free of snow and ice for fire safety. Fires are surprisingly common in the winter as a result of malfunctioning heaters and fireplaces.

Tip #23 – Have Your Building Inspected

If your building has a flat roof, consider adding extra support to prevent collapse from heavy snow loads.

Tip #24 – Think About Your Pets – Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Be mindful of any snow and ice that could be dangerous to pets and wildlife on and around your property.

Metal Buildings in Wyoming

Removing snow and ice from your metal buildings in Wyoming is essential for their safety and longevity. By following these tips, you can ensure not only the protection of your buildings but also your own safety. Whether investing in a snow rake, clearing gutters, or installing a monitored roof system, preparing and maintaining your buildings properly can save you a lot of hassle and money in the long run.

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