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Steel buildings in Wyoming are exceptionally weather resistant but still have the potential for developing leaks. If your barn or agricultural buildings in Wyoming start leaking on a rainy day, it is essential that you repair them quickly and avoid further damage to your barn or its contents. Fixing a leak is rarely difficult unless it has caused additional damage to your barn’s structure.

Identify the Leak in Your Steel Buildings in Wyoming

Identifying the origin of the leak is often the most challenging part. Because water runs downhill, it may end up dripping on your floor or running down a wall far from where it entered your building. Consider these suggestions when attempting to identify the origin of the water dripping inside your barn.

  • Follow the leak upward. Water could (theoretically) enter your building near the roof ridge, run down the steel roofing until it makes contact with a roof purlin, run across the purlin to a roof truss, then run down the truss a few feet before it begins to drip on the floor. Do your best to follow the trail of water to its highest point.
  • Identify the entry point. Water can enter your building through a tiny hole and create a big puddle of water in time. If the steel on your roof and walls is in relatively good condition and most of it is secured well, it should not be too difficult to identify the problem––a loose or missing screw, a loose panel, or something similar.

Secure Loose Panels with the Proper Screws

When you discover the source of the problem, ensure that the repair is done correctly. If you have a loose panel and a missing screw, the panel needs to be secured with a screw identical to the other screws used. The only exception to this rule is that you may need to use a screw that is slightly longer than the original. The diameter, pitch, lead, head, and grommets or washers should be identical.

Replace Damaged Panels

If you discover a rusty panel on your roof or siding, it is best to replace it. Any shortcuts when repairing rusty roofing or siding will only provide a short-term solution.

If you take care of your pole building shop in Wyoming, it should last for decades (or longer).

MQS Barn We Build Agricultural Buildings in Wyoming

We can help if you are interested in steel buildings in Wyoming or a pole building in Wyoming. When you are ready to start, we can work with you to ensure you get the farm buildings in Wyoming you need.

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