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At MQS, we regularly build garages, custom steel buildings in Wyoming, and agricultural buildings in Wyoming. If you are interested in building a garage in Wyoming, remember how important the design process is. Once your building has been completed, changes are often complicated and expensive.

All of our structures are custom-built for our clients according to their unique needs and preferences. Not only is it vital that you identify how you plan to use your building, but in some cases, it is beneficial to have specific dimensions of what you will store inside.

Ideal Height for Steel Buildings in Wyoming

Building height is determined by a combination of factors, including the height required inside the building, roof slope, and truss design.

For reference,

For best results, design the interior of your building with a minimum of two additional feet above the highest point of your vehicle. If you plan to do maintenance or repairs on your vehicle inside your garage, design with at least five feet of space between your vehicle’s highest point and the ceiling or the bottom edge of the roof trusses.

Overhead Door Sizes

Overhead doors need to not only be large enough for your vehicle or equipment to be moved in and out but allow additional space to ensure that the doorway is not easily damaged in the process. For example, a stock 2022 F-250 with mirrors is almost nine feet wide. If you want to ensure you can pull it in and out easily without damaging it or your building, consider installing a door 12 feet wide and 9-10 feet tall.

Width and Depth

The minimum width and depth of your garage will depend on how you use it. If you intend to store multiple vehicles inside, consider that standard storage dimensions for a single vehicle are roughly 12 feet by 20 feet. Nonetheless, standard dimensions are too small for many vehicles. A crew cab pickup with a long bed is about 22 feet long. If you want to store a truck of this size in your new garage, ensure the building’s interior is at least 26 feet deep and 15 feet wide to accommodate the vehicle and ensure the doors can be opened once inside.


If you plan on installing any special equipment in your new garage, like a vehicle lift, exercise equipment, or anything else, measure carefully before committing to a final design and discuss it with your builder.

MQS Barn – Custom Horse Barn Builders in Wyoming

We have you covered if you are interested in agricultural buildings in Wyoming or custom pole barns in Wyoming.

When you are ready to start, we can work with you to ensure you get the steel buildings in Wyoming you want.

 Looking for Amish barn builders in Wyoming? Our co-founder and co-owner, Mark Stoltzfus, began his building career with his Amish Mennonite family and applies the same work ethic and expert craftsmanship on every project we do.

To get started, give us a call or go online to receive a free quote on your project.