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Building a new barn or garage hobby shop in Montana is a big project. Don’t make the mistake of starting construction without proper preparation. If you want to ensure you build one of the best metal buildings in Montana, we suggest you approach any building project in three phases: research, planning, and construction.


Research is the most commonly neglected stage of amateur building projects. The structure of a post frame building in Montana is relatively simple, but the structure is just one element of the larger project. During the research phase, it is necessary to identify:

  • How much money do I have to spend?
  • Do I qualify for a loan?
  • If I build a new building, will I be able to insure it? What do insurance companies require to qualify for insurance?
  • What location/property will be the home of my new building?
  • Where (precisely) can I reasonably locate my new building on my property?
  • What permits are required by local government and zoning boards?
  • How far does my building need to be from power lines, public roads, railroads, etc.?
  • How likely is flooding at the site of my new building?
  • How much site preparation will be required for my building?
  • What is the minimum size building I need? How big would be too big?
  • How long will permitting, site preparation, materials acquisition, and construction take?


The research and planning phases of construction are related but not identical. The research phase identifies the range of possibilities for your building: budget, size, location, design, etc. The planning phase establishes a realistic plan based on what you learned in the research phase. A poorly researched project will produce a weak plan and an inferior barn or pole building shop in Montana.

During planning, it is necessary to establish a professional building design, a firm budget, a detailed timeline, a builder, and contingency plans for any problems you can reasonably expect to occur during construction.


If you plan on building your own barn, you will need a detailed construction plan for the building itself. If you plan on hiring a professional builder, you can subdivide the construction phase into site preparation, electrical, plumbing, building erection, and finishing. Unless you are an experienced builder, we highly suggest you work with a builder for the construction phase. An experienced builder can often save you time and money compared to doing it yourself.

MQS – We Build Metal Buildings in Montana

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