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Renovating or adding on to an older pole barn is occasionally more complicated than building a new barn. Renovations require a certain amount of disassembly and reconstruction. Additions require adding onto an existing structure that may not be perfect to begin with. So, before you begin any modifications on metal buildings in Wyoming, consider the following.

Ask for Help from an Architect or Barn Builder

Most owners of post-frame metal buildings in Wyoming have at least some experiences building or repairing their own buildings. No matter how comfortable you are with a hammer and a saw, speak to an architect or professional builder about the feasibility of your intended modifications. Sometimes a seemingly harmless modification can compromise the structural integrity of your entire building. Speaking to a professional can save you time and money in the long run.

Carefully Evaluate the Cost of Renovation and Rebuilding

If your old barn isn’t in the best condition, consider the cost of adding a second building rather than renovating your old one. It may even be wise to tear down your old barn and build a new, larger building. This is an excellent opportunity to do a cost/benefit analysis. Consider how much repairs or renovations will cost with how much a new building will cost. If the difference is small, you may benefit from rebuilding because you can be sure your new building will last at least fifty years when adequately cared for.

Locate the Original Building Plans if Possible

If you inherited an old pole barn from a family member or by purchasing a new property, you might not have access to the original building plans. However, if you can locate your barn’s original blueprints, you can streamline the process of renovating or adding on. The alternative is to carefully measure the building’s size, spacing between posts, purlins, etc.

Work with a Builder Experienced in Renovations

A builder with renovation experience should already be familiar with multiple styles of pole building construction and design. An experienced contractor should also be able to better identify weak points in the old building’s structure that need to be repaired in the renovation process. An inexperienced contractor is  more likely to make costly or even dangerous mistakes.

We Build Custom Pole Barns in Wyoming

Post-frame construction is an excellent choice for building cattle barns, horse barns, garages, and more. A well-built pole building in Wyoming is durable, cost-efficient, and offers excellent flexibility for any unique requirements you may have.

MQS, Inc – We Build Agricultural Buildings in Wyoming

We have you covered if you are interested in a pole building shop in Wyoming or other custom pole barns in Wyoming.

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