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Post frame buildings are incredibly versatile and can be used for housing livestock, workshops, or even living space. No matter what you need your building for, cold weather can make enjoying steel buildings in Montana difficult if they aren’t conditioned properly. Fortunately, a post frame building in Montana can be designed and built to keep the winter out. If you are concerned about the cold, consider the following suggestions.

Building Size

Choosing the right size for your custom post frame garage in Montana is essential for keeping it warm inside. The bigger your building is, the harder it will be to keep warm. So, don’t build any bigger than you need.

Divide Heated and Non-Heated Areas

If you plan on building a particularly large barn or garage in Montana, consider dividing the interior into heated and not-heated spaces. If you don’t need to keep the whole interior warm––don’t waste materials and energy trying to heat and insulate the entire building.

Wall and Ceiling Insulation

Post frame steel buildings in Montana are customarily built with 6-inch vertical posts. This allows for a full six inches of wall insulation all the way around the building. Similarly, because post frame buildings are typically designed with 4/12 roof pitch or greater, blow-in attic insulation can be installed between the ceiling and roof.

Double-Glazed Windows

If you are serious about keeping the interior of your building warm, install double or triple-glazed windows. This is more expensive than typical single-glazed windows but much more energy-efficient.

Heat Source

A heat source is essential if you want the interior of your building to be significantly warmer than the outside. Modern residential gas and electric furnaces are significantly more efficient than furnaces from 20 or 30 years ago, but many owners of metal buildings in Montana prefer simpler wood-burning stoves.

Your choice of heat source is ordinarily dependent upon how warm you plan on keeping your building. It can also depend heavily on how much you can spend on construction and utility bills.


Although it may seem counter-intuitive, ventilation is an essential part of the design for your building if you plan on keeping things warm inside. Uninsulated buildings can build up condensation and moisture inside, leading to rust and deterioration of the wood structure.

Post frame buildings can easily be built to keep the interior warm all winter long if that is what you need. For best results, it is best to discuss how you plan to use your building and how you plan to heat it with your builder before construction.

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