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Any horse-lover knows that taking care of horses is a big job. An appropriately sized and well-designed barn for your horses and gear can make your job much easier. At MQS, we are custom horse barn builders in Montana, and we love what we do. If you are considering building a new farm building in Montana for your horses, we are here to help. As you begin making plans, consider including some of the following options to make your new barn the ideal space for you and your horses.

#1 – Horse Wash Stall

Horse wash stalls are recommended by most custom horse barn builders in Montana. During the cold winter months, it’s especially nice to have a wash stall inside the barn with a proper floor and adequate drainage.

#2 – Dedicated Tack Room

You may decide to build an elaborate horse barn with all the bells and whistles or a simpler barn with only the basics. Either way, don’t skip building a tack room or tack area in your new farm building in Montana. Tack rooms are the best way to keep your gear clean, dry, and well organized.

#3 – Dutch Doors

Dutch doors, the most common choice for exterior stall doors, are a great way to circulate fresh air directly into your horses’ stalls and are also an attractive and classic addition to your barn’s design. Most post frame builders in Montana should be able to build or install them.

#4 – Sliding Doors

Many different kinds of steel buildings in Montana have sliding doors. Sliding doors usually operate much quieter than overhead bay doors and are not particularly expensive. The sound of quickly raising an overhead door can startle horses. For that reason, we always recommend sliding doors in the main entrance to your horse barn.

#5 – Indoor Riding Arena

Horses need daily exercise to stay in shape and healthy. On rainy or extremely cold days, it’s not always a good idea to let your horses out of the barn. If the cold or rain lingers, it can be challenging to maintain regular exercise. Enclosed riding arenas are an excellent solution for this problem. You can ride or exercise your horses year-round without risking their health (or yours).

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