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As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of Montana steel buildings, MQS, Inc. is well aware of just how important agricultural buildings are to doing your daily duties on the farm. Your building might be used as a place for your livestock to take shelter, a place to store various farming supplies, or you might use it as an extra garage to store all your valuable farm vehicles and equipment.

No matter the primary use for your steel building in Montana, it requires adequate lighting both on the interior and exterior. Without the proper lighting, it might be difficult to complete some of your daily tasks on the farm. So here are some of the best lighting options you can have installed once your building is finished.

Motion Sensor Lights for Your Garage in Montana

If your building is being primarily used as a garage, there will likely be many times where you pull into your garage on a very dark evening. Or you might need to run into the garage quickly to grab some supplies or tools, and it might be a pain to try and find the light switch in a dark building.

Motion sensor lights are triggered to turn on if they detect motion within a specific area. Most motion sensor lights turn on when they sense movement nearby and up to 100 feet away. The lights are designed to continue to stay on until they can no longer detect motion. Many motion sensor lights for Montana garages will turn off after they do not detect movement for 20 minutes. This means that your electric bill will decrease since electricity won’t be wasted, and you don’t have to worry about going to find the light switch when it’s time to leave the building.

LED Lighting for Your Montana Steel Building

Fluorescent and halogen bulbs are quickly becoming a thing of the past thanks to the rise of LED bulbs. One of the most notable benefits of using LED bulbs is their longevity. Not only do they last longer than more traditional light bulbs, but instead of burning out, they slowly dim over time. This makes it easier to know when they need to be replaced before it’s too late.

LED bulbs also consume far less energy than older models of light bulbs. In fact, many LED bulbs consume almost 50% less electricity than other similar-sized fluorescent and halogen bulbs, which makes them a far better choice if you want to be more environmentally conscious.

Windows for Your Montana Agricultural Building

When you work with MQS, Inc., be sure to let us know how many windows you want for your steel building in Montana. We can work these windows into the design so that you don’t have to add them on afterward. Windows can be a valuable natural light source during the day, which can save you quite a bit when your electric bill comes each month. There could be many days that pass by where you don’t even need to flip the light switch on if it’s bright and sunny in Montana.

If you are in the market for a new steel building in Montana, contact MQS, Inc. today. We will help you with any questions and provide a free quote on the project.