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If you have invested in a new detached garage in Montana, you know just how beneficial and versatile it can be. It can be your own little garage hobby shop to work on small projects or a side hobby. Depending on the size, you can use your garage as a place to gather and have a few drinks with friends while watching a big game. Montana garages truly have limitless possibilities.

No doubt, you want to keep your garage in tip-top shape and protect your investment. That’s why MQS, Inc. has some valuable tips on how to help improve the life and the overall quality of your steel building in Montana.

Repair any Damage Early

Whether it was a severe storm or a fallen tree branch that punctured your ceiling, be sure to have all damages fixed promptly. Damages that are ignored for an extended time can quickly lead to other problems inside Montana garages. Once the damage is discovered, be sure to research local repair companies, get estimates, talk to your insurance company if necessary, and set up an appointment to get your repairs completed.

Thoroughly Clean the Exterior

Over time, your garage in Montana will begin to gather dust, debris, or mildew, so be sure to regularly clean your building to keep it looking fresh. Neglecting these items can cause building materials to deteriorate more quickly and decrease the overall life of your building. An effective way to clean your building’s exterior is to give it a thorough power wash about once a year or as needed if it is showing more dirt and grime than usual.

Inspect Your Garage for Leaks

If you have recently been in the path of a severe storm, your garage may have experienced some roof damage and may have some leaks that need to be addressed. Leaks are not always easy to pinpoint, but once they are discovered, they should be repaired immediately so that further damage does not occur. Not only can leaks cause structural damage to your building, but excess water can damage any contents inside your steel building in Montana.

Check Your Windows and Doors

It is important to keep your garage in Montana at a regulated temperature, so make sure your doors and windows are properly sealing when they close. Without adequate sealing, air can escape and enter more freely, which means higher utility bills each month.

As a leading builder of Montana garages, MQS, Inc. will be with you from the initial design process until your building is completed. If you are interested in adding a new structure to your property, give us a call and we can provide a free estimate.

We look forward to hearing from you, God bless!