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As much as barn owners love taking care of horses and other livestock, accidents can happen within Montana custom pole barns if the right precautions are not taken.  So, as one of the top builders of farm buildings in Montana, MQS Barn has created a list of the best ways to keep all individuals and each animal safe while inside your pole barn.

Invest in a First Aid Kit

One way to be prepared for any type of injury is by making sure you have an updated first aid kit.  If your barn is not near a home or any other building, a first aid kit becomes even more essential.  Scrapes and cuts are always a possibility when riding horses or working in a barn, so make sure you are fully stocked on items like bandages, gauze, wraps, and rubbing alcohol.  Be sure to have proper medical supplies for injured animals as well.

Clean: Remove Dust and Cobwebs

A barn is bound to get dirty, and there’s not much you can do to prevent it from happening.  Once dust and cobwebs accumulate in areas, make sure to clean them regularly to minimize the chances of contracting any illnesses.  Also, filthy concrete surfaces can become slippery, so be sure to occasionally wipe, clean, and wash these surfaces inside your Montana pole building.

Keep Aisles Clear of Objects

Tools and supplies are easy to set aside, and then later be forgotten while you are working in a Montana farm building.  Pay close attention to where you leave your items, especially if you are jumping from one task to another, and make sure you do not create a tripping hazard for someone else or an animal that might be walking inside the barn.

Safely Store Cleaning Supplies and Chemicals

Animals and small children can let curiosity get the best of them sometimes, and they may want to open things that they shouldn’t be playing with.  Whether it’s chemicals, bug spray, or cleaning supplies, make sure they all stay locked inside a safe place in your Montana farm building so that these dangerous items don’t end up in the wrong hands.

Use a Separate Location for Hay Storage

It may be convenient to store hay bales in the same structure as your horses or other barn animalsbut for safety purposes, pole barn builders in Montana recommend keeping hay in a separate location.  Hay can be very flammable, especially in dry, warm conditions, which are common in a barn.  So, to be safe, it is best to keep hay away from all animals that live inside the barn.

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These safety tips can be very helpful when it comes to keeping you, your fellow ranchers, and all your animals safe.  If you have any other barn questions or if you might be interested in adding another Montana custom pole barn to your farm, please give us a call. 

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