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Every winter, our Amish barn builders in Montana get asked the same question – “Do you build custom pole barns in Montana during the winter?” Our answer often surprises them, which is yes, we do! In fact, building a pole barn during the winter can sometimes be the best time to build. If you’re considering getting a barn, don’t let the cold winter weather stop you.   



A significant drawback of building a pole barn during the winter is the effect cold weather has on concrete. When temperatures are below 40 degrees, the pouring and curing of concrete is very difficult. This is one reason why construction is typically halted during the winter. 

Pole Barn Advantage 

Unlike most buildings, which require a concrete foundation, pole barns do not. Instead, only a small amount of concrete is needed for the footers. This is one of the most significant advantages of post frame construction. Additionally, columns are usually placed below the frost line (where the soil doesn’t freeze). This helps prevent frost heaves and the shifting of farm buildings in Montana  

Post frame buildings are exceptional in strength and are less affected by cold weather than traditional buildings. They are cheaper to build and require less material. Of all buildings, post frame is the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With a pole building in Montana from MQS Barns, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time, no matter how bad winter weather conditions may be. 

Don’t let winter weather hold you back and keep you waiting until the spring to build agricultural buildings in Montana. As you can see, construction during the winter is still very much a possibility. Contact our custom post frame builders in Montana today to receive a free price estimate and work on the design process for your next barn.