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There are many terms used among custom post frame builders in Montana. Unless you are familiar to the construction industry or have had agricultural buildings in Montana built for you before, you may not have heard any of the following terms before. If you plan on getting a pole building in Montana sometime soon, we want to prepare you by explaining some of the most common pole barn terms. 


Trusses – The trusses of a building is the main support system of the entire roof. The framework shape typically has a flat bottom or crossed beams.   

Eave – An eave is the part of a roof that hangs over the side of a building. Eaves allow water to run off to avoid damage to the building’s structure. 

Purlin – A horizontal, lumber beam that supports the roof decking. 

Girt – Girts are responsible for supporting the wall panel laterally and resisting wind loads. 

Lean-to – A simple, free standing structure that typically extends from the side of an existing pole building in Montana. They are supported on one side by posts and have an inclined roof. 

Wainscot – Wooden paneling that lines the lower part of a wall used for both decorative and functional purposes. Wainscot is a very common feature added on farm buildings in Montana 

Overhang – The length of how far an eave extends past the walls of a building.  


There are many more terms that are used among Amish barn builders in Montana; however, this short list gives you a general idea of some of the most commonly used terms. For more information regarding our custom pole barns in Montana, feel free to request a quote on our website. Our pole barn specialists will be happy to discuss your plans for your future barn!